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Our business grew out of our mutual love for the fine details that unify a space and add an air of completeness.  These finishing pieces are often the hardest to find and the most time consuming aspect of the design process, so we wanted to make it easier for our customers.  

As new home owners ourselves we also realized how costly the decorating process can be.  We decided to follow the direct to consumer model which allows us to cut out the retail operating costs and overhead. This allows us to pass along these savings to our customers.  

With a focus on mid-century modern style, our company makes it easy to find complimentary items that will finish any space.  We stage each item so it is easier for you to picture in your home and visualize the final product.  

Our goal is to provide premium, modern home decor without the retail markup.  We want our customers be proud of their homes and be excited to show them off! 

We love seeing our items in your homes so please tag us with either @topmdrn or #topmdrn! 


Happy Finishing!



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