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3 Ways to Style a Square Coffee Table with Scandinavian Modern Home Decor

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Let's face it, coffee table styling can be tricky, but in this post we break down three fool proof ways to get the look you want, every time! 


When trying to achieve a Modern Scandinavian look, it is important to incorporate lots of neutral tones, ceramics, and natural textures.  Using metals can help give you that more modern clean look as well! 


Here are three methods we like to use when styling a square coffee table:

Method 1: Triangle

With this first method, you're going to picture a triangle on your table with 1 item at each point.  

For example, one corner could be a tray with 3 decorative objects in it, one corner could be a vase with some greenery and the other corner could be stacked books with a decorative object on top.  

Here is an image to better illustrate:

Triangle method of decorating a square coffee table

This look gives a pleasing appearance from all angles! 

All decor in this image can be found on www.topmdrn.com and we will link the individual items below:

Rust Textured Vase


White Marble Tray

Diamond Candle Holder


White Elephant


Method 2: Half and Half

This method is for the clean lines lover who needs uniformity.  In this method you're going to draw a line down the middle of your square coffee table and place items of similar proportion on either side.

On one side you could use a rectangular tray that has similar dimension to your decorative staging book.  This will give a mirroring effect.  

Here's an image to help illustrate what we mean:

Half and half method square coffee table

Clean, simple and uniform.  Using the matte white with black metal and hammered metal gives texture without looking to "matchy matchy". 

All items available on www.topmdrn.com and will be linked below:

Rectangle Tray

Geometric Candle Holder

Hammered Metal Gourd Vase

Eucalyptus Branch

White Bowl


Method 3: Quadrants

In this method you're going to divide your square table into 4 equal quadrants.  We recommend using some variation of these 4 key items: books (preferable ones with white, black or neutral covers), candle holders, vase, and a decorative item.  

It is a good idea to use items with varying heights, sizes and textures to get an eye catching look! 

Here's an example:

Square coffee table styling

You can see we've divided the table into 4 equal sections and concentrated more in the centre of the table.

The dried pampas and the white bowl help keep the palette neutral.  The metal square tower candle holder gives us that industrial minimalist look and the cement candle holders give us that natural ceramic look that the Scandinavian style is known for. Incorporating items with varying heights is important as well! 

All the items used in this photo can be purchased on www.topmdrn.com and we will link the individual items below:

Square Tower Candle Holder

Glass Vase


White Bowl

Cement Candle Holders


There they are! Three easy ways to decorate your square coffee table!

Follow these basic principles and you can have fun mixing in and out your staple decorative pieces! 


Let us know if you try any of these out, we would love to see! 

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